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Seven percent bond Authorized by the Act Congress C.S.A. of February 20th 1963. Measures 13-3/4" by 14" total with coupons. One coupon missing.

Lithograph of soldier sitting by fire in center and on bottom paddle wheeler. Archer & Daly Richmond Va. written under litho of paddlewheel

Entered: SDB Recorded xxx Signed by Robert Tyler Register or treasury. 3 folds. Condition vf+++,

There are 7 coupons attached, Certificate of Authenticity from Heritage Rare Coin Galleries Dallas, Texas. A description of how they were offered and the original price. Item is brass frame. I took the Loan out of the frame and someone put one piece of tape behind the bon to hold it in place on the black background. I did not try and remove. The frame has a hole in the brass near the center top and bottom. I assume this was screwed to a wall to keep honest people honest.  To see this item complete click here.

$175.00 Plus $12.00 postage & ins. (USA)

If you have ANY questions, Please email us. We will respond asap.

Confederate Loan Bond

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