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Historical RARE Civil War Flint Liquor Glass Tumbler 

WHat we have here is a 19th century historical flint liquor glass and can be seen in Bessie Lindsey's American Historical Glass, First Printing 1967,  Page 485, No. 480.

Base has the appropriate wear on both the base and rim

ONE One side of glass we have UNION FOR EVER. Representing the North and the South, are  Clasped hands and a scroll below the clasped hands. The design is framed by a victors wreath, one half of laurel and the other half of oak leaves. Since ancient times, a crown or wreath of laural has been used to indicate honor or distinction. The oak, also is an emblem of strength, constancy, and long life; and the oak leaves was given by the Romans to a hero who saved teh life of another. Both oak and laural are used separately, and combined, in many items of commerative glassware. .

On the other side of glass we have at the top, a unfurled 34 star American flag. Below the flag is the Union shield with crossed sabers  and flag pole through the shield. To the left of the shield we have the words " A BUMPER" ,  and on the right side of the shield, we have "TO THE " and below the shield, we have the word "FLAG". Liberty pole with cap covers both mold lines, polished pontil. 3-1/4" h, 2-3/4" d rim, 2" d base.

It is a crystal glass with good bell tone. It was probably issued during or soon after the close of the American Civil War. BAse has the appropriate wear on both the base and rim. Glass has one small pin head lip flake and one flea bite.

Brief history of the 34 Star Flag: This Flag became the Official United States Flag on July 4th, 1861. A star was added for the admission of Kansas (January 29th, 1861) and was to last for just two years. The only President to serve under this flag was Abraham Lincoln (1861-1865).

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