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Rare Civil War  Signal Lamp

This is an authentic Civil war Whale oil signal lamp in very good condition. It has a manual lever that slides a tin shutter open and closed in front of the burner light and behind the lens. It was used to signal troops. It's condition is very good for the age. Black japanned tin lantern with all good working parts and removable oil burner.

The flashlight of the period which has an additional signal feature, making it useful for sentries, rail and wagon traffic signaling, and camp usage. Sheet metal cylinder is 3-1/4" in diameter, 6-7/8" high with inverted cone shaped scalloped top which serves as hot air/exhaust vent. Side of lantern has door with a 2-5/8" bullseye glass lens to throw a beam. Age can be seen in lens given the bubbles due to early manufacture. Opposite the door, is a double loop wire handle as well as a sheet metal belt loop. Inside is a whale oil burner. See photo

There is also a movable shutter which serves as a signal device. This is movable between the burner and lens. Little knob on outside intact. Note top right photo where I moved the shutter.  I understand the knob on this piece is most always missing. The window clip is also intact and in good working condition.

A lantren of this type was recovered during the excavation and raising of the CSA submarine Hunley. 

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