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maplehutch.JPG (158248 bytes) Two Piece Maple Hutch with 2 glass panel door on top.   


table2.JPG (137573 bytes)   

Old country work table. Spool type legs, One draw. Measures 29" wide, 32-1/2" high, 75-1/2" long




DCP04117.JPG (101398 bytes)

Painted Hoosier





2doorblue.htm Primitive 2 door cupboard in old blue.   



IMG_1546.JPG (238221 bytes)

White Corner Cabinet

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Measurements: 25" deep, 43" wide, " high 



DCP04111.JPG (133464 bytes)

Very Unusual Oak Server with mirror











cnut.htm VICTORIAN CHESTNUT STEP-DOWN DRESSER WITH ORNATE FANCY MIRROR with Candle stands  Possible refinished and restoration 


rosetile.JPG (161753 bytes) Arts and Craft period two tier tile table. Iron Base with curled feet  


stickly.JPG (159047 bytes) Signed Stickley barley carved leg settee. Signed Stickley Bros. Grand Rapids   






cherarm.JPG (104488 bytes)

18th C. One door Armoire in cherry. Hidden spaces inside with one draw. Approx. 4' wide by 6' high.  



IMG_1120.JPG (234063 bytes)

 Great 3 door deco armoire All 3 piece come apart and sit on base. 

IMG_1132.JPG (264348 bytes)  The center door opens also







Poughkeepsie Maker Empire Turtle Top Marble Antique Console Table


empire1.JPG (179505 bytes)empire3.JPG (609523 bytes)empire2.JPG (209230 bytes)



SAMPLE of ART WE HAVE IN STOCK. More to be added later

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EOAKFORD.JPG (45646 bytes) Artist: Ellen Oakland, Signed in the plate lower right corner

Title: Unknown, Canopy of Trees, Age: 1889, dated in the plate, lower right corner. Medium Etching. Size: Image area measures 11 1/2" x 15 1/2". Frame: Framed under glass in wood frame measuring 24" x 29". 

The symmetry of nature is seen in a canopy of trees over a road, executed in sepia tones in Japan paper. There is wonderful detail and depth to this finely done piece. This etching is executed by listed American artist Ellen Oakford, signed and dated in the plate in the lower right corner.

Ellen Oakford was a teacher and etcher living in the New Jersey area in the 1880's and 1890's. She was a member of a small, accomplished group of female artist/etchers who were part of the etching revival of that time span. She is listed in Who Was Who in American Art, Dictionary of Women Artists, and American Women of the Etching Revival. Her work is listed in Davenport's, Adec, and on ArtPrice. Her etchings periodically are seen in galleries featuring vintage art.


Frame has minor flecking of wood. Piece is not matted.


P1170009.JPG (108462 bytes) Woodstock, NY Artist Kate McGloughlin Monotype w/pastel. "CHEROKEE BOY".

1992 Original Price 200.00



DCP04139.JPG (126865 bytes)DCP04142.JPG (129936 bytes)

Hudson River School Painting. Oil on Canvass . Indian sitting by canoe on inlet of Hudson or Lake George NY. Artist Signed. See Below



DCP04143.JPG (106503 bytes)DCP04141.JPG (96619 bytes)

Hudson River School Painting. Oil on Canvass . Indian sitting by canoe on inlet of Hudson or Lake George NY. Artist Signed.. 

ecrost.JPG (109079 bytes)
Etching: House by the Sea Artist: Ernest C. Rost.  Est. $750.00 to $1000.00


Biography: Ernest was born January 20, 1866, at Mt. Vernon, N.Y. and was probably the son of Christan Rost (a locally known engraver) and Minna M. Rost. Nothing is known of his childhood except he was the fourth of six children in the family. By the mid-1880’s E.C. Rost was exhibiting landscapes in oil at the National Academy of Design, New York City. After 1887 his oil painting stopped and by 1891 etching became his primary occupation. Today, the Library of Congress (Prints and Photographs Division) maintains 63 etchings signed ‘Ernest C. Rost’ or ‘E. C. Rost’, with dates running from 1891 to 1896. These often portray country lanes, cottages, rural scenes, sea, river and bayside settings, mostly in New York State, but several depict homes of famous statesmen and writers. With the outbreak of the Spainish-American War, Rost was sent by the U.S. War Department to Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Phillippines, and Guam as a civilian photographer of military operations and installations. Today, 21 photographs taken by E. C. Rost of these islands are held by the National Archives (Audio-Visual Division), while still another 26 photographs, all of Cuba, are held by the Library of Congress.


Some of the POTTERY WE HAVE IN STOCK. More to be added later

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crier.JPG (195949 bytes) RARE Buffalo Pottery Deldare Ware Plate Town Crier

Buffalo Pottery was made in NY after 1902. The company was established by the Larkin Co. who were famous soap makers. Deldare ware is the most famous pottery made by the factory. 

This plate is 8 3/8 ". With the exception of minor crazing which you can see in the pictures, this plate is in very good condition. No chips or cracks. It is signed "CB".great condition with a few tiny miniscule scratches, hardly noticeable.



BENNET2.JPG (144398 bytes) Bennett Patd. 1873 Syrup Pitcher Rare Pottery Pewter Top. 

We are offering this wonderful and we believe RARE Bennett Syrup Pottery Pitcher. Pitcher stands 8" in height with Pewter Top. The hallmark deserves special attention since it was only found on this pottery syrup pitcher. This syrup has to be a unique find. I personally have not seen one of these in my travels. However, we are not experts on syrups. Don't miss this opportunity to either add this to your collection or begin to collect these as an investment. 

Marked BENNET'S Patent Jan. 25 1873

Over good condition of this piece is in very good condition. Free of any nicks or cracks. However, there is a separation of clay on the inside of the pour spout. You can see the separation on the last photo. You must allow the entire JPG to load to see the way the pewter top is attached to the syrup


mocha.JPG (76155 bytes)

Wonderful 19th c Mocha Seaweed decorated Tankard 

Very good condition with no chips or cracks 


OWEN.JPG (104075 bytes)

Owens Pottery Matte Utopian vase. Nicely decorated  Bottom marked Owens 1044. Vase is 9" tall and 5" wide

No chips, cracks, damage, or repair of any kind.   
rook26.JPG (480212 bytes)

ROOKWOOD  Bell Flower vase c. 1926

rook55.JPG (638551 bytes)

Rookwood Rose  vase c. 1955



rosevill2.JPG (596901 bytes)

Roseville console bowls 

JARDBASE.JPG (224202 bytes)

Very nice and clean McCoy Cameo Pedestal. No Jardinere

No chips or cracks


mccoy.JPG (614846 bytes)

SAMPLE of McCoy and Roseville 






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