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colt1860.jpg (25475 bytes) 1860 Colt. All Matching numbers nice $2250.00
manhten.jpg (66875 bytes) Nice Manhattan NY All matching numbers Nice $850.00

Starrsa.jpg (104814 bytes)

Starr SA Revolver. 1859. Nice $1200.00
SMHLSTR.JPG (88955 bytes)

Small Leather shoulder holster for pocket Colt??

Nice $250.00
Colthlsr.jpg (77603 bytes) 1860 Model Colt Leather holster. Modified . Leather in fine condition with Period Infantry button on flap. very good $ 650.00
Burnside.jpg (137888 bytes)Open Burnside Patent march 25th  1856 Carbine . Serial # 24422. Burnside Rifle Co. Providence, RI. Nice $3300.00
 Cs2band_small.jpg (1769 bytes) Tower 2 Band May have been converted to sporting  1250.00
CS3BAND.JPG (238070 bytes) Tower 1862 London Armory Enfield 3 Band, original ramrod, May have come from Bannermans collection. SOLD
cwsig.jpg (75606 bytes) This is an authentic Civil war Whale oil signal lamp.  A lantern of this type was recovered during the excavation and raising of the CSA submarine Hunley. Very Good condition $290.00
Cwcol.jpg (25131 bytes) Great original pastel painting of Civil War Colonel  posing with  sword. Great period frame. stain on left of head SOLD
20thny1.jpg (102823 bytes) Rare 20th NY Formally 80th NY Tipton Photograph taken at High Water Mark, Gettysburg, PA. 1902. Period Oak Frame.  great $600.00

cdvoffcr.jpg (34784 bytes)

Wonderful CDV of a Civil War Officer with Revenue Stamp Nice $175.00
grantfrm.jpg (31291 bytes)

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Grant Memorial Souvenir Chromo Litho Print  Copyright 1890 by A. E. Keim.  Published in aid of the fund for Gen. Grants Tomb at Riverside Park on the Hudson. Signed by Charles H. T. Collis, former Colonel, 114 Penna. Vol. Inf. " Collis Zouaves", Brevet Brigadier Gen. Oct. 28, 1864. 114th was in all major campaigns from Fredericksburg, to Petersburg. Medal of Honor Winner.   

Excellent . I have not seen another . $950.00

cdveman.jpg (32154 bytes)

CDV of Young Officer. Revenue stamp on back of CDV. Appears to be Gray uniform. Possible young Officer.  nice $145.00

Boatsig.jpg (43444 bytes)

Civil war Boat kerosene oil signal lamp in very good condition. It has a manual lever that slides a tin shutter open and closed in front of the burner light and behind the lens. It was used to signal troops. Great condition -  $190.00

csnote27.jpg (46915 bytes)

Confederate Loan Bond

Seven percent bond Authorized by the Act Congress C.S.A. of February 20th 1863. Measures 13-3/4" by 14" total with coupons. One coupon missing.

framed and nice $175.00
Shortswd.jpg (98604 bytes)

CIVIL WAR 1830 Short Sword

Heavy cast brass hilt with eagle, capstan rivet; elliptical shaped blade with center ridge.

nice $ 750.00

calvary2.jpg (55927 bytes)

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Original Civil War Print, Union Cavalrymen   painting by famous Civil War painter. Signed  W. T. Trego  89.

Copy write 1891. 

Very Nice SOLD

cwpipe.jpg (49223 bytes)

Great example of a Civil War Pipe. Recovered at Gettysburg. The person I purchased from stated her husband dug up a case of these. Only had a few left. I purchased 3. Still has the dirt in them. I did not clean Nice $75.00

usbxplt.jpg (94715 bytes)

US Box Plate. Recovered Winchester, VA.. Purchased a number of years ago from noted CW dealer  who dug all his plates and buckles Nice, still has wire loops $350.00

GERBHAT.JPG (103079 bytes)

RARE Authentic WWII German Army Officer Hat World War 2 

Green gray ribbed wool with white piping. Dark Green headband with silver bullion rope . White pebble silver side buttons. Light brown lining with double diamond. Cannot make out dealer name. We also have a couple of moth holes on both sides and on rear of hat.  No tears inside head but sweat band is loose near back of head. Hat retains its original (we believe) Sterling Silver spread eagle with swastika. Believe this may have belonged to Calvary Officer. Note back of head band. Was hanging on hat tree for quite some time. 

Good  SOLD

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